Why the Superbowl Commercials SUCKED

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We’re all caught up on the Super Bowl commercials, and now we’re going to go cry forever. Misty Kingma of #News turns a critical eye on the Super Bowl commercials of 2015, which ranged from horrifyingly tragic (Nationwide’s “because I died” kid) to adorably tear-jerking (Budweiser’s lost puppy and the Always “Like A Girl” campaign) to manly-but-sensitive (Dove and Nissan’s dad commercials) to just plain weird (you can defeat internet trolls by … pouring Coke onto a server? and exactly what kind of “lovin'” are you asking for, McDonald’s?). Throw in celebrity cameos from Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Walter White from “Breaking Bad” and Jeff Bridges and we’re left with a Super Bowl that left us sad, sentimental and confused at the same time (and we haven’t even mentioned the actual game yet). Thank goodness we’ll always have Left Shark. We love you, Left Shark!


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