Will Flula Be A Sitcom Star?


Flula Borg may be one of the internet’s best kept secrets, but that’s about to change. Not only does he have a not-so-small part in the highly anticipated Pitch Perfect sequel, but YouTube’s favorite German DJ is booked to star in an upcoming NBC sitcom. The network is the process of remaking the popular British series Cuckoo, with Borg in the title role.

In the original series the daughter of a middle class British family returns from a year abroad with one piece of extra baggage, an eccentric hippie husband named Cuckoo. The new series will transplant the family to the US with Flula taking on the role of Cuckoo, a role originated by comedian Andy Samberg. Playing a wacky foreigner shouldn’t be too much of a reach for the German transplant who has amassed nearly half a million YouTube subscribers and more than 60 million views by doing just that.


Flula isn’t the only YouTube star to make the jump to TV, nor is he the only YouTuber developing a pilot for NBC. The forward-thinking network has been on something of a YouTuber shopping spree and is also developing a much talked about sitcom pilot with Shane Dawson. However, if we’re placing bets on a YouTube-to-TV project that’s guaranteed to succeed, my money’s on Flula.


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