Women Creative Wednesday: Ladies Who Kick A**

Since this week started off with a woman kicking a** and taking names on the internet, we thought we’d dedicate Women Creative Wednesday to YouTubers carrying on that fine tradition.

Evan DeSimone

There are tons of smart, assertive, outspoken women on YouTube, and I should know since we’ve proudly covered many of them in the past. Sometimes the most hardcore thing you can do is elegantly drop an airtight argument, especially when it concerns a friend or a peer. We’ve praised Laci Green before for her whip smart content and bold approach to taboo topics, but there’s something particularly gangsta about her willingness to speak truth to people further up the YouTube ladder. In this video she elegantly dissects a problematic video from the Queen herself, Jenna Marbles, in a way that never feels like a takedown. YouTube is a collaborative and cooperative environment. The mic drops here are sometimes a little softer, but they’re no less poignant.

Sara Parra

Hannah Hart

Usually when you think Hannah Hart, you think delicious food and lots of wine. Sometimes though, fans can get a little… out of hand with their interpretation of a creator’s videos. Usually, a delicate tone is taken with these things, some coddling, and hopefully it blows over before it becomes a thing.

However sometimes, delicacy is completely overlooked in place of blunt truth that Hannah Hart has no problem with providing, right before dropping the mic and walking away.

Jeff Klima

Rachel Ballinger
just does not give a f**k. With funny video titles like “Peeing in the Bathtub” and “Valentine’s Day Sucks,” you just get all the vibe you need from this, the sister of Colleen Ballinger (AKA Miranda Sings). Hell, some say Colleen gets her Miranda character from impersonating her sister. This is a straight up crazy must-watch channel from a girl who I dig.

Carrington Walsh

Theodora Lee speaks the mind of so many girls, not only in this particular video but in many of them. In this video, she talks about all the key things about being a girl. While this isn’t a rant, she definitely tells what most young women are thinking. And I mean, if she had said this bit live to a group of teens, she would get a standing ovation.

Christine Linnell

Angelina L.B. (aka ALB of albinwonderland) is best known as the glittery, pink-haired YouTube princess of geek culture and internet fandoms, but she’ll quickly set aside her makeup tutorials and say what’s on her mind when the situation requires it. This video about the do’s and don’ts of being a critical fan is a good example of her insight and intelligence.


Spread the word about these kicka** ladies, and recommend more of them in the comments.

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