Women Creative Wednesday: Women Who Speak Up

At NMR, we appreciate YouTubers who use their popularity to speak their minds and be a force for good in the online community. This week’s WCW features women who don’t hesitate to voice their opinions on serious issues.

Rachel Kiley

There have been a number of videos made about the various accusations of sexual harassment and assault that have been made over the past year or so, but Hayley Hoover’s “A Quick Note to Alex Day” takes a slightly different approach than most. Her video is about his attempts to return to YouTube, and mostly, the hilarity that is his narcissistic idea that he deserves fame just because he once had it. Hayley often speaks out about harmful behavior that comes from gender roles that have been ingrained in us throughout our formative years, and she does it in a way that somehow manages to be amusing while still being informative about a serious topic. This video is obviously a quite specific one, but it can be applied to a number of situations, and her other videos are worth checking out as well. Hayley is definitely one YouTuber I have never seen shy away from speaking her mind, and it’s very refreshing to see.

Evan DeSimone

There are few women on YouTube who are as outspoken and courageous as Hartbeat. We’ve already featured her famous “watermelon” video in which she calmly and hilariously explains how her gender and sexual identity has zero bearing on how she chooses to dress. In general Hart is a straight shooter and we love her for it, but I want to give her special kudos for speaking up about something that many popular online creators often stay silent about. Hart, like many of her peers in the YouTube community, attracted a stalker. That would be a harrowing experience for anyone but it takes an added level of courage to speak up about it and potentially help others in a similar situation. TL;DR: Hartbeat is rad always.

Christine Linnell

Meghan Tonjes is never afraid to voice her opinions on things (see her recent days-long Twitter rant about Spirit Airlines) and you can almost always count on some valuable insights from her. Particularly useful to aspiring YouTubers and new media entertainers is this video about the importance of showing up, acting like a professional and being a reliable worker, inspired by an unnamed personality who bailed on their performance at Playlist Live due to a hangover and then went out to parties afterward. (Apparently this same person repeated the offense at the most recent Playlist in Orlando over the weekend, so Meghan’s message is worth revisiting.)

Carrington Walsh

Bree Essrig bravely stands up and speaks out about her sexual assault experiences in this video. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to talk about such a personal and intense topic, but Bree uses this as an opportunity to start a discussion about sexual assault, and ends her moving video on a positive note — that note being, we can change as a society so that sexual assault doesn’t happen. Her video is incredibly emotional, and serves as a prime example of how harmful sexual assault can be.


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