Women Creative Wednesday: YouTubers We’d Watch On TV

Not to say that we don’t loooooove watching YouTube (cuz we sure do!) but sometimes we wonder how our favorite online personalities would do if they made the big leap to a television show. For Women Creative Wednesday, we’ve collected a list of ladies we wouldn’t mind seeing on a bigger screen.

Evan DeSimone

Today’s #WCW was a bit of a challenge for me. The last year has been super kind to me when it comes to my YouTube favorites getting a chance to try their hand at television. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m anxiously awaiting both Grace Helbig’s E! debut and the recently announced MTV project from the ladies of Hot Mess Moves. Fortunately my wish list is still a mile long and the next person I’d love to see make the jump is Melissa Hunter. Melissa is best known as the creator and star of “Adult Wednesday Addams”, a web series the reimagines the iconic Addams Family character as a twenty-something living in LA to hilarious comedic effect.

Her deadpan Wednesday timing isn’t the only trick she has up her sleeve, a fact that she proved with her role as hapless party-girl Trish in Above Average Backseat B*tches. She’s got fantastic comic timing and a gift for left-of-center comedy that would make great television. In a perfect world someone would hand her the reins of an Amy Schumer-esque sketch show and let her go to town.

Carrington Walsh

Anna Akana, also appearing on “Adult Wednesday Addams,” is a killer YouTuber, and her sketches are phenomenal. They never fail to make me laugh, and her short films are wonderfully artsy. I’d love to see her with a Mindy Kaling-esque sitcom. Her sketches are a testament to her ability to create awesome and hilarious characters. I have no doubt that she’d create hysterical characters for a sitcom and be able to tear the house down with her comedic acting. If she had a show, I would watch it religiously.

Sara Parra

Television might seem like a completely different medium, but there are some people who can transition to it flawlessly. Lee Newton has already sort of made the jump with some of her sketches on Comedy Central and she’s done amazing work with the Groundlings sketch group. It would be great to see her get her own sort of Lucille Ball/Caroll Burnett comedy special in which she would really get the chance to shine. Plus, seriously, how awesome would it be to have that style of comedy back?

Rachel Kiley

I know we probably talk about her a lot already, but the one YouTuber I immediately thought of for today was Lilly Singh aka IISuperwoman||. I have no idea what kind of show she should have — talk show, game show, sitcom — literally, just put her on a damn television show. It will work, I promise you. She’s so captivating and entertaining to watch, easily one of the few YouTubers you can watch endlessly without getting annoyed. (Seriously, such a select group.) I have no idea if TV is on Lilly’s radar, but I hope the opportunity comes up. Plus she’s CANADIAN. Canadians and television just go together, you guys. Make it happen.

Christine Linnell

So we were talking about who we were going to pick for this assignment and Rachel up there was like “Haha you’re totally going to pick Alexis aren’t you” and I was like “WHAT NO SHUT UP I LIKE OTHER PEOPLE,” but yeah, I’d already thought of Alexis G Zall and you have to admit she’s a solid choice for a TV career. I mean, she’s funny and charismatic, she already has acting experience (she’s on IMDB and everything!) and “Clarissa Explains It All” is in desperate need of a reboot. Or maybe she could do some kind of action/scifi thing — she’s a gymnast, after all, she could do her own stunts.


Which YouTubers do you think deserve their own TV show? Let us know in the comments!