Your Guide To Everything Weird At The Grammys


Did you watch the Grammys on Sunday? I can’t blame you if you didn’t since they were about nine hours long. During that time they managed to present just 6 awards between 23 separate musical performances. It was a lot to handle even for an experienced popculture processing machine like myself. For normal humans the healthiest plan is to let the professionals sum things up for you. As usual it’s #News to the rescue. Chief Award Show correspondent Gabe Hohreiter has all the highs and lows of the world’s longest rich-people-congratulating-other-rich-people extravaganza.

Find out who wore what, who shaded who, and who continued to exist in a state beyond reproach by mere mortals (Spoiler: It’s Beyoncé again). Get the lowdown on all things Grammy-related in a fraction of the time. Please… I beg you… save yourself the pain. I’m still recovering and it’s already Tuesday.

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