YouTube Star Rikki Poynter Pushes YouTube For Better Closed Captioning

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One of the funniest aspects of television/YouTube just became a sad reality that I admit I hadn’t given much credence to: the shitty closed captioning function offered up by media platforms. I sometimes watch videos and shows with closed captioning on because there is a frequent issues of the words and captioning not matching up at all. So instead of getting some coherent sentence, you get a random guess at what some computer algorithm “thought” was a real sentence. “I wish I had a gun to kill all the evil thoughts in my head” becomes something like “Elf fish again to kill all the eagle thoughts inmate head.”

But, obviously now, this is a real issue for actual deaf or hard of hearing YouTubers who actually rely on the system. And beauty/makeup guru Rikki Poynter, who deals with her own hearing issues, certainly isn’t laughing. So that, rightly, makes me feel like an asshole.

YouTube executive types certainly aren’t … unaware … of the problem. They admit they’ve been trying to get a better captioning system since Day One. But the technology doesn’t mesh with the reality right now. So how do we get the technology to speed up to the awareness? The best answer thus becomes: spread awareness. Make better hearing options a priority issue for Google and the company can do wonders, I believe.

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Because the only other option seems to be YouTubers themselves adding in the closed captioning, and right now, they’re doubtlessly too busy f**king around with YouTube’s new “multiangle” camera option that benefits nobody. Yeah, so that’s awkward.


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