YouTube’s 10th Anniversary Present From Itself? A YouTube Video!

I imagine when YouTube opened its present from Zapatou aka Luc Bergeron, YouTube’s director and video editor, they were like “Oh thank you, another compilation video!”

Since YouTube first formed back in 2005, the yearly trend has been for them to release a compilation video of all the great hits from the past. But you know what? Those videos are pretty terrific — they really do give you a peek into how YouTube has shaped pop culture. With so many legendary moments that we’ve all grown up with over the past 10 years. It really is hard to think of a time when YouTube wasn’t there. And you know what? I wouldn’t want to.

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Full disclosure though: NMR doesn’t celebrate YouTube’s official birthday until April 27, the date of that first video dropping. It’s kind of like the dating question: when do you start counting months? From the first time you went out or the first time you two got your bajiggity on? The “Jawed at the Zoo” video, their first upload — and the first moments seen in the tribute vid above — is when YouTube became “a thing” to us. It’s the bajiggity thing.

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