6 YouTube Videos About One Mysterious Thing; Can You Solve The Puzzle? (03/15/15 Edition)

(photo credit: moviepilot.com)

(photo credit: moviepilot.com)

NMR Weekend is all about facilitating user interaction. We like you readers, we want to interact with you. Even if it is just you telling us we suck. So we’re always springing up interactive articles ideas to get you in the game.

Now we’re debuting the Six Video Puzzle (better name to come — hell, suggest one). We’re going to give you six videos from YouTube that all correspond to one hidden theme. Can you guess the theme, solve the puzzle, crack the code, whatever, will be the weekly question.

For instance: say the theme this week is “Flight.” Likely one video would be the Red Hot Chili Peppers video “Airplanes,” another video might be one from the YouTube Space L.A.’s airplane set, and another might be a goose soaring majestically south for the winter.

You wish they were all that easy though.

Can you guess this week’s theme from these six videos?







Share this article so you and a teammate can solve our puzzle. Hey, maybe next week the theme will be “teamwork.”

And if you reaaaaaaally can’t guess, the answer is on the next page.

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