7 Spoiler Videos That Will Ruin Everything — Throwback Thursday

Spoilers: a touchy subject for everyone who’s hardcore about whatever movie, book, or show. Some people loathe being spoiled on major events, while others like spoilers because it saves them the time of having to watch hours of content. This post is for those people, and for everyone else, ye be warned, spoilers ahead.


Harry Potter
Remember that guy who used a megaphone and spoiled Harry Potter for people who were waiting in line to buy the latest book? This is not the video of that guy. Jon Cozart, aka Paint, created this fantastic medley of all the books, spoiling deaths while whimsically singing about it all:

House of Cards
You’d think it’d be hard to spoil a series that’s completely available online, but turns out, some people wait a bit before watching. Which can lead to some unfortunate consequences.

Game of Thrones
Honestly, if you spoil Game of Thrones for me, I’ll cut you.

The Hunger Games
This is something you wouldn’t think could be spoiled considering how popular the series was, but there are people who would lose their minds if Mockingjay Part 2 was spoiled for them.

It’s been over for years, but if you haven’t figured out the ending, Philip DeFranco’s got you covered.

The Walking Dead
Read the comic books, they’re better. BONUS: Here’s every death from the series and the books, in case you wanted to be doubly spoiled.

Breaking Bad
Rooster Teeth’s “Spoilercast” was a fantastic show, and nothing says it more than their spoilage of “Breaking Bad” seasons one through five.


What are your favorite spoiler moments? Let us know in the comments!