Adi Shankar’s 007 Reboot Comes Amid Power Rangers Controversy

Adi Shankar, the producer responsible for the Power Rangers reboot we didn’t even know we’ve been waiting for all of our lives has released his latest bootleg: 007.

What happens to James Bond when retirement hits? This is the question Shankar hope to answer in his latest video, that follows the incredibly popular release of his Power Rangers bootleg that was swiftly pulled down by Saban.

In a behind the scenes video posted shortly after the original short film, Shankar described Bond as a character that needed to be “grittier, dirtier.” Charming but not the hero we would hope he would be, but the anti-hero we might be able to identify with.

Unlike the previous bootleg, Shankar presented a previs work in progress,a decision which may or may not have been influenced by the recent crackdown on his Power Rangers bootleg. Either way, despite its incomplete nature, the nearly 11 minute short manages to capture the vision of a broken Bond for all to see.