Adult Wednesday Addams Star Melissa Hunter Is Our #WCW


Adult Wednesday Addams wrapped up its second season today, so what better time to talk about our major #CreatorCrush on its creator and star Melissa Hunter?

If you’re not already a little obsessed with Adult Wednesday Addams I’m pretty sure you’re doing something wrong with your life, but allow me to explain for the uninitiated. The web series stars Hunter as a 20-something version of the iconically deadpan character, all grown up and living in Los Angeles. There’s something endlessly hilarious about Hunter’s Wednesday confronting the annoyances of LA with her signature macabre slant on life. Just check out the season finale, which features an encounter between Wednesday and an ex-hook up, to get the flavor of the series. Or feel free to binge the whole season. I’ll wait.



Adult Wednesday Addams is easily Melissa’s most iconic work, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg for this talented creator. She’s also produced a handful of sharp one-off sketches that you need to see. Her “Adopt a Dude” video falls in the perfect sweet spot between hilarious and heartbreaking. Thank god she didn’t secure some Sarah McLachlan to play in the background or I probably would have burst into actual tears (of laughter).



Melissa has deadpan delivery on lock down, but that’s far from the only trick she has up her sleeve. For a different side of this versatile creative, we highly recommend taking a look at Backseat B*tches, her series over on Above Average. She plays a hilariously vapid party girl who is as far as you can get from Wednesday’s icy aesthetic, except when it comes to laughs.



Take some time to get to know all things Melissa Hunter. We’ll just be here crossing our fingers and waiting patiently Adult Wednesday Addams season 3 (please please please let there be a season 3) or whatever else Melissa has in store for us.

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