Beauty Gurus on YouTube Get New Tool With Made At Smashbox


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Smashbox Cosmetics, the beauty brand launched out of Smashbox Studios in Hollywood, has teamed up with Collective Digital Studio to provide an amazing new opportunity for the beauty crowd. Opening up their brand new state-of-the-art production studios, Smashbox is inviting YouTubers to come film on their lot and with their equipment. It’s sort of a YouTube Space L.A. for the makeup jetsetters. And they’re calling the initiative Made At Smashbox.


The studio, which has been used for Vanity Fair’s “Hollywood Issue” covers, recently underwent a $7 million makeover to allow for use as a full production studio that is YouTuber friendly. Additionally, it hosts a create your own lip gloss bar where they will send YouTubers home with lip glosses they created, AND the studio is bringing in video directors and photographers to do talks on lighting, makeup, video and other topics relevant to beauty on film.

“Innovation is part of the Smashbox DNA. For more than 20 years, Smashbox Studios has been the go-to destination for the world’s best photographers, stylists and makeup artists,” says founder Davis Factor, who opened Smashbox Studios in 1990, then launched the cosmetics brand six years later. “We want to continue this tradition and empower the next generation of creative influencers.”

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Go to for further deets. But YouTube beauty gurus, this sounds like a killer opportunity to play in someone else’s sandbox for a while. Take advantage of all the shiny new things.


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