BeautyLiciousInsider Talks Tonight’s TV Special, Family & Inspiration

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YouTube beauty guru BeautyLiciousInsider, aka Chelsea Crockett, is having one of those incredibly fun lives right now. Sure, it’s hard work — really hard work in fact, but the 17-year-old star seems down for the challenge. And besides, with fame and fortune being byproducts of putting out great content on YouTube, it makes the hard work a little easier to bear.

After recently surpassing the million subscriber milestone (arguably the biggest milestone for up-and-coming YouTube stars), Chelsea is now geared up to be a star on television. HLN, one of the early adopters for YouTube celebrities on television, is airing a special tonight called BeautyLicious: Offline. The show will give fans everywhere a look behind the scenes at what it takes to be a YouTube star, how it impacts her family and private life, and of course, Chelsea the person in front of and behind the camera. I’ve already set my DVR and you should too!

But in case you can’t watch, no worries! We got a little sneak peek right here with our official BeautyLiciousInsider interview. I’m mean, definitely watch the show tonight at 10pm EST, but, well, since you’re here already — why not do both? Fall in love with Chelsea like we did:

How awesome is it to be a YouTube star?

Chelsea: It’s SO crazy to be on YouTube with quite a lot of girls watching what I put out online. I love the fact that as I grow up, so do my viewers. So we’re pretty much one big happy family going through life together.

Did you have another job before becoming YouTube famous? Which is/was harder?

I started YouTube at the age of 13, so I wasn’t even capable of getting an actual job for two more years. So, YouTube was an outlet for me to contribute my beliefs and thoughts with the world. YouTube for me is a job now, because I consistently do it… But I LOVE it!

How did your family react to you becoming “another breadwinner” in the family? Did they all demand Ferraris?

At first, my YouTube channel made no income and I didn’t expect it to. But when I started doing brand deals there was some money involved. I think it’s nice for my family to have a little extra income now, but we don’t really talk about it much.

What is the downside of being YouTube famous?

There are so many great things about being a YouTuber. I guess the hardest part is balancing school work and creating weekly content for my fans.

Do you want to stick in makeup/beauty or is there another channel genre you eventually want to merge into?

I love where I’m at right now, but I have such a passion for nature and adventure. So eventually I would love to capture that aspect on my channel.