Ben’s At Home Trailer: Indie Film Expands With New Web Series


When I was first introduced to the premise of Ben’s At Home, I was momentarily concerned that someone had based a web series on my life without my permission. What I mean by that is, it’s the story of one man who decides that he’s not going to leave his house for an entire year. For most this seems like either a maddening challenge or an introvert’s dream come true. Either way, the character’s decision to document his voluntary confinement on the internet seems like it will make for some compelling viewing material.


Faced with the mounting challenges of adult life, Ben (writer/producer Dan Abramovici) decides that the best course of action is to retreat to his home for a year and live out as much of his life as possible online. It sounds like a radical choice, but when you think about how much of our lives are already lived online through social media, online gaming, and dating apps and web sites, it’s clear that while Ben’s field of movement has shrunk considerably his personal life isn’t going to get any less complicated.

The web series is based on the popular indie feature Ben’s At Home, which has been impressing viewers across the indie film festival circuit. The web series, which will take a closer look at Ben’s personal adventures at home, looks promising. It’s exciting to see creators take their passion for a film projects and explore it in greater detail using the web series format. The trailer, which you can watch above, has definitely got our attention and we’re expecting big things from this new incarnation.

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