Black Mask Studios Give Superheroes Animated New YouTube Channel

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Black Mask, an up-and-comer in the comics world that is heavily halved by Marvel and DC, has decided to go big and bold, putting their inky pages to animated work on a new YouTube channel.

Dropping today, the Black Mask Studios channel is already putting some heft into its punches with the release of three different series (so far), including one created by Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan (and produced by the RZA). That series, “12 Reasons To Die,” is already one serious reason to check out an innovative channel.

Other shows available are superhero noir pieces Ballistic and Five Ghosts, both of which, like “12 Reasons To Die,” only have a single episode out currently. Expect for that to change soon though as Black Mask Studios expands its world outward.

George Gene Gustines for the NY Times writes: “Mr. Pizzolo said he learned of an eager, untapped audience for comics on YouTube when he posted ‘Godkiller,’ his series about siblings in a post-apocalyptic world. ‘It got 100,000 views without my telling anyone about it,’ (Matt Pizzolo, one of the studio founders) said, adding that it gained tens of thousands more viewers after being released on Netflix, Hulu and PlayStation.”

Yeah, there’s definitely a market for superheroes on YouTube.

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