Black Mirror Reality? 5 Vines That Bring The Spooky Show To Life


By now everyone has had a chance to see Black Mirror, the British anthology series about technology gone wrong and the ways in which the internet, social media, and the tech industry are slowly distorting our lives into a hellish anxiety ridden dystopia. It’s a real uplifting delight. Now some clever Viners have taken it one step further, bringing Black Mirror’s futuristic nightmare scenarios into our everyday world with Black Mirror IRL and it’s all painfully hilarious.


When you think about it, isn’t online dating already a dystopian nightmare just begging for Shailene Woodley to come along and show us a better way?
Technology meant to better our lives has introduced us to hellish new heights of anxiety and stress.  
A tap on our smart phone screens can bring the past back to haunt us…
and a simple mistake can expose our darkest and most private selves to the world.  
Are we the master of this new world of interwoven technology, or are we simply snared in its slowly constricting web?

Pairing relatable scenarios with Black Mirror’s flawlessly sinister title theme is a perfect way to mine laughs from the daily techno mishaps that drive us up the wall, but I can’t be the only one feeling a little stressed out after all that. (Right? RIGHT?!?) The whole thing is the work of Buzzfeed’s new BFF team which is dedicated to flooding every corner of the social web with sharable laughs. Black Mirror IRL is any indication, then we’re definitely here for it.