Bree Essrig Is Joining SourceFed!

Worlds collide in fantastic ways! The brilliantly brilliant and awesomely awesome Bree Essrig is joining SourceFed this week.

A comedian and popular YouTuber in her own right with 245,000+ subscribers on her native channel, Bree will bring another pinch of manic energy to the channel already overripe with terrific personalities.

“We are very excited to have Bree joining the Discovery Digital Networks family and the SourceFed team,” said Jeremy Azevedo, Head of Discovery Digital Networks – Los Angeles. “SourceFed is the ultimate destination for pop culture news, anchored by the best personalities on the web. Bree is a rare, multi-faceted talent, and I can’t wait to see what her unique mix of humor, intelligence and creativity will bring to this incredible brand.”

The SourceFed family has seen its share of change as they’ve lost other personalities like Elliott Morgan, Meg Turney, Ross Everett and Joe Bereta. But now it is a time of rebirth! It is a time of Bree Essrig! And all those other terrific people, of course.

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