Cameron Dallas Arrested For Vandalism!

Cameron Dallas
Vine star Cameron Dallas was arrested for vandalism. Cue all the “six seconds in jail” jokes here.

It turns out that when you decide to have a loud paint party at your house, it could totally get you arrested. That is, if one of your guests decides to hurl a can of paint out of your window and nearly kill a woman on the sidewalk below.

Such is the story of Viner Cameron Dallas. Noise complaint was lodged regarding the apartment Dallas was living in, prompting police to head out to the premises. Police found everything was quiet and calm, and left.

However, they were called again later that evening after a woman had nearly been struck by a paint can that had been thrown out of the window of Dallas’ sixth floor apartment. When police arrived a second time, they found someone had gotten ill in the hallway, and knocked on the door to find Dallas covered in paint, along with every surface in the apartment (and everyone in it).

Dallas was arrested for Felony Vandalism and released on $20,000 bail.

Photo Credit TMZ

His reaction? This tweet:

Someone clearly didn’t get the message from Obi Nwosu.


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