Chosen Mobile App: Players Are Judge and Contestant In New Mobile Singing Game


It doesn’t take much to realize that America loves a talent show. Just take one look at long running hits like American Idol and the monster success of relative newcomer The Voice. There’s just one problem. After over a decade watching judges Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lopez, and Adam Levine tell us what a pop star should be, we’re all tired of sitting on the sidelines. Singers know when they’ve got it and the rest of us are dying to jump into the judging fray and use our accumulated insights to tell them otherwise. Forunately, a new app is going to give us the chance to do just that.

Chosen is a new app from David Hyman, formerly the CEO of Beats Music, so he knows a thing or two about music and more importantly, about the internet. The app takes the best parts of the singing competition experience and translates them into a mobile game. Aspiring singers can upload videos of their performances which other users will be able to vote on. The more votes a performance gets, the more points and exposure the singer receives. It’s a simple but effective model — the game saves its cleverest wrinkle for the judges.

Other users are able to act as judges, both by voting up strong performances and by recording their own video critiques, but it’s not a one way street. Judges get rated too. Singers can rate the quality of their critiques as can other judges. These ratings will contribute to the judges rank. Judges will also be ranked by how accurately they pick winners, and by their following on outside social media networks. This combined score will impact how much clout they have within the game. Everyone has an incentive to watch and participate, whether it’s by singing or judging, and as a result the best content and the sharpest judges rise to the top.

We already live in a global online talent show. Talented singers and performers are constantly uploading their work to YouTube hoping to find an audience, but in the sea of content that’s uploaded daily it’s easy to get lost. An app like Chosen will provide emerging talent with a place to gain recognition without getting buried by a deluge of prank videos and Tyler Oakley vlogs. By engaging the viewer as a judge, the app gives users an incentive to participate in the process even if they’re not singers. It’s a win-win proposition.

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