Coachella 2015 Live Stream Coming To YouTube On 3 Channels (Plus Lineup)

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Hey kids, what would you do if I told you that not only did you not have to risk skin cancer by standing in the arid inland empire sun, you could save several hundred dollars and have a seat for one of the best concert experiences of all time? You would likely tell me to pound sand because Coachella rules!

Well, you would be correct. For all its drawbacks, there are few things better than being at a Coachella concert all weekend. But for the fifth time in as many years, Coachella is offering the best of both worlds. Now sun-fearing vampire types like yourself can enjoy the atmosphere of the avant garde rock scene from the comfort of your own house.

Did we mention that we have the lineup?

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Broadcasting music + behind the scenes stuff + other interviews and exciting content, the FREE concert experience courtesy of Coachella’s YouTube channel is a hard one to beat. And with the at-home experience, you don’t have to fret about which day you want to take in (if you can only do the one).

While it isn’t yet confirmed who will actually be part of the live stream lineup, artist-wise, it’s a sure bet you aren’t going to be disappointed. In fact, here are some activities exclusive to you live stream types:

  • Create a custom Coachella avatar by uploading a photo, then decorating with Coachella graphics, before sharing it with your friends.
  • Browse an interactive map of the entire festival grounds and access photos taken from your virtual location.
  • Schedule your live stream experience with a timetable that automatically updates based on your local time and channel you are watching.
  • Learn about the performing acts via interactive profiles.

You don’t get all of that camping in the Indio dust, my friends.

The live stream will take place April 10-12, 2015, so make sure you save your really good drugs ‘til then.

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