Comcast Internet May Force One Man Out Of His Dream Home


Cutting off your internet service, raising your prices, failing to process your payment, terrible customer service — there’s seemingly no end to the terrible things that internet service provider Comcast can do to us. Now you can add another item to the list. Comcast can make you sell your house. That’s the problem a Washington based software engineer is facing after Comcast refused to provide internet service to a home he bought last year.


Seth Morabito, a software industry professional, was apparently extra cautious when making the decision to purchase a home in Kistap Country, a largely rural area of Washington state. Morabito works at home and wanted to be absolutely certain that the home he purchased could be wired for internet service. So he checked with Comcast, the more prominent provider in the area, multiple times. Only after purchasing the home and having technicians sent to the house multiple times to hook up the cable internet did Comcast and Morabito discover that the property had never been wired in the first place.


A house that is already wired for cable only needs an service provider technician to come hook up a cable box in order for the sweet internet to start flowing. However, Morabito’s house was never wired, a process that requires the laying of underground cable and the securing of municipal permits, a costly and time consuming process which Morabito has been informed Comcast has no intention of completing anytime in the near future. After consulting with a handful of alternative providers (which are few and far between since Comcast, like its competitors Time Warner Cable and Verizon, is a virtual monopoly in most areas) he found that no one including satellite and point-to-point providers could help him. Morabito is left with little choice but to put the house on the market and find a new dream home.


If you’re a fan of schadenfreude or just want to confirm your worst suspicions about Comcast, Morabito has documented much of his ongoing struggle on his blog. At present he’s left working with a wireless hotspot, an expensive and limited alternative to formal internet service, and driving to a local Starbucks to upload larger work files. This isn’t the first time Comcast has been caught up on a horrendous customer service scandal. This is, however, the first time they’ve been implicated in forcing someone to give up their actual home. It’s nice to see that even a company with monopolistic control over its market is still striving to outperform itself in some areas.

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