Connor Franta Coming Out With New Compilation Album


YouTube darling Connor Franta has released another compilation album of up-and-coming artists he wants to support and promote to his fans.

His first album, Crown, featured music by artists such as Betty Who and ODESZA, and sold well among Franta’s adoring fans, placing among the Top 20 best-selling pop albums of 2014 in the iTunes store. This new compilation, titled Common Culture, includes singles from TVA, NAO, LANY, and many other musicians who go by something other than acronyms. I’ve never heard of any of them myself, so it looks like Franta is doing a great job handpicking fresh artists to showcase!

This new venture Franta’s undertaken seems like it may prove to be quite a profitable alternative to releasing an album of his own music, as many YouTubers seem to eventually do. While a full album can take a long time to record and produce, even if the songs are written and the details handled by somebody else, a compilation album bears much more resemblance to a mix CD you used to throw together in one night for your friends in high school. Sure, a little more licensing and artwork design is involved here, but these are still quicker to churn out, a helpful fact for someone who is busy recording vlogs, producing a book, and putting his name on a coffee line. Besides, who doesn’t love a mix CD??

What artists do you think Connor Franta should feature on volume 3 of his series? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget, sharing is caring! Make the world a better place!