Daredevil Trailer 2 -Breakdown and Predictions – #News

This might be one of the most useful videos of all time in terms of making me care about a superhero I previously didn’t give a damn about. Now I feel like I could teach a Daredevil class at Yale after watching this #News episode hosted by the always vivacious Jamie Petitto.

Not only am I aware that Vincent D’Onofrio is Kingpin now — which everyone else THOUGHT was the main point of the trailer, I found out a bunch of other stuff too. Would you like to be all educated and shit like me? Yeah, I thought so. Make sure you check it out. As it turns out, knowing about things like comic book origins is not nerdy, it’s cool. And knowing what a Cover Two defense somehow now isn’t…

Guess I picked the wrong path in high school. Thanks #News for helping me catch up.

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