Drone Videos On YouTube Illegal? I Thought This Was America

(photo credit: knowyourmeme.com)

(photo credit: knowyourmeme.com)

So if you have any drone videos on YouTube, you might want to quietly take them down for the time being. No, we’re not advocating a strategy of weakness in the face of “big government,” it’s just, well, threats of fines and legal action are a big headache over a drone video.

A major drone video uploader, Jayson Hanes tweeted out a cease and desist warning he got from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) over the videos posted to his YouTube channel. They have deemed his actions “commercial products.” While Jayson does have his videos monetized, according to Mashable, he hasn’t collected Adsense monies on any of them.

The debate then becomes: does the government have issue with drone videos at large or just drone videos being monetized? If it’s all drone videos on YouTube (and other less exciting sites) then it becomes a First Amendment issue.

On the other side of it, there is that whole creepy “invasion of privacy” thing if you are sending drones to peep inside houses (which Jayson isn’t). But you know there are a whole host of neckbeards who bought aerial drones for this very purpose.

Unfortunately for Jayson, who considers himself a hobbyist, his hobby skates on the undefined line of legal and illegal. An option stemming from this issue is that Jayson could elect to take a stand against the government and spend the next several years in court, at great personal expense, fighting for the right to host drone videos on YouTube.

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Hmm, probably he’d be better just learning tennis. But then, who would fight for a robot’s right to take videos while flying? Someone’s gotta take a stand for the robots.

Or he could choose not to monetize and just hope that’s enough for the fat cats in Washington.

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