“Electra Woman and Dyna Girl” Reboot: Hannah Hart & Grace Helbig Remake Comedy Gold

electrawoman 2

We were as excited as everyone else when reigning YouTube queens Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig announced they’re starring in a rebooted superhero series called “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl,” which will debut with Fullscreen later this year. We didn’t really know who those characters were — we thought they might be from Disney’s “The Incredibles” at first — but fortunately, there’s no better place than YouTube to dig up the details about retro TV shows.

From what we’ve seen so far, Hannah and Grace will be having a lot of fun with this new series. The original “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl” was a kids’ science fiction TV show from 1976, starring Deirdre Hall, Judy Strangis and Norman Alden. Turns out the show was a lady-centric, over-the-top spoof of “Batman and Robin,” complete with garish spandex and silly names like “ElectraCar” and “ElectraEnemies.” As you can tell from the opening theme, the show is goofy good fun and has the makings of a cult classic.

The characters nearly made a comeback in 2001, when Warner Brothers commissioned a television pilot starring Markie Post as Electra Woman and Anne Stedman as Dyna Girl. This one was intended as a parody of the original series that parodied “Batman” — so meta! — in which the first Dyna Girl bails after having an affair with Electra Woman’s ex-husband and Electra Woman becomes a washed-up alcoholic who must be dragged back into action by a new teenaged sidekick. It’s, uh, an experience. It was also never released. For some reason.

All things considered, this reboot looks like it could be pretty awesome. We know Hannah and Grace can do zany comedy, they’ll both look amazing in superhero costumes, and hell, they can even play really convincing drunks if the storyline goes in that direction (though we kind of hope it won’t). We can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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