Facebook Announces Embeddable Videos, Look Out YouTube

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If this were a street fight between YouTube and Facebook, Facebook just did that thing where it flicked out a switchblade. It upped the ante is what I’m saying. Mark “The Zuck” Zuckerberg announced, amongst a host of other little baubles at his F8 conference yesterday, the ability for Facebook video enthusiasts to now embed videos. Facebook just took a broad step into YouTube’s arena. See, a lot of social media blogs and magazines, like NMR, rely on embedding videos — it helps us in our content generation. While we’ve written about Facebook videos before, now NMR can COVER Facebook-exclusive footage. Essentially, this is what sites like NMR have been waiting on for a long time.

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No telling when the embed option is coming, as you can see above it doesn’t show up yet, but it should be soon.

Of course, The Zuck declined any notion of competition in an interview with Wired:

“I think the people covering us think about things in terms of competition more than you actually do when you are running a company,” he said. “It’s fun to talk about a conflict between companies. But really, we have goals.”

… But that’s just what someone who didn’t want us to know he was in heated competition would say …

Conspiracy theorists like myself can’t help but note the following statistics that get bandied around every time there is a notion of competition sparked about YouTube and Facebook:

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(Direct stats courtesy of Business Insider)


Let’s just say, even if Facebook claims there isn’t competition, YouTube is feeling the heat.


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