Fake Oscar Prank – Pretending to be a Celebrity

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What happens when an ordinary guy walks around Hollywood on Oscar night holding a fake Oscar? That’s the theme of this insanely brilliant piece right from the sidewalks of Tinseltown, where fame and fortune make you a better caliber of person. Watching comedian Mark David Christenson of Upright Citizen’s Brigade have the best night of his life, I can’t help but wonder if awarding yourself a fake Oscar is better than actually winning a real one?

While the awards ceremony is still in full swing, Christianson apparently jumped out of the proceedings to cruise the town in a tuxedo while holding the little gold man and bringing cheer to his fellow man. It isn’t entirely clear what he “won” for — seems like Editing on Whiplash or The Imitation Game — but this feel-good bit of filmmaking makes one thing clear: this town LOVES a winner.

From free food to a free movie to a free luxuary car (seriously!), Christianson gets the hookup treatment. Cops love him, women love him, children of all ages take photos with him and cheer him on.

And while it could seem exploitative, it isn’t. As Christianson himself explains at the end:\, it just feels neat to make this elusive Oscar thing a real part of their world. It gives people hope. And at the end of the day, that outweighs gaming the system.

How much does it remind you of that Eddie Murphy SNL prank where Eddie “becomes a white man” and suddenly the whole world is his oyster? And yet, being an Oscar winner makes it a thousand times cooler.

I tried to think of how I would do it different, but I don’t know that I would! Can you think of any way you might have done it differently? Let us know below.


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