Find Crazy SubReddits With NMR Weekend’s Reddit Mystery Spot. This Week: r/MillionaireMakers

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Here on NMR’s Weekend Edition, we’re always looking for the weird stuff on the web — and on Saturdays, we like to focus on one of the best sites for weird content: Reddit.

Reddit is sort of a catchall of the web — all the world’s information, disinformation and cat pictures filter through there and users of the free site upvote or downvote the information based on how interesting they find it. This usually winds up in some pretty strange stuff being upvoted to the front page. But to get REALLY WEIRD you have to crawl down into one of the thousands of subreddits out there.

(Caution: Some of the stuff found within might be VERY NSFW depending on the subreddit we explore. If it’s an entirely NSFW or nasty subreddit, we will warn you below.)

Today’s Reddit Mystery Spot:


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Want to visit a feel-good subreddit? Check out r/millionairemaker, a subreddit designed to help one really, really needy person. The subreddit, which started as a result of an r/showerthought (will do them next week) blossomed into a community sharply divided between people who really want to help other people and people who really want a million dollars. The subreddit works like this: If Reddit’s monthly million+ unique visitors all donated one dollar, they could make someone a millionaire. If 500,000 people donated $2, same thing. And so on. So this subreddit gets together monthly and has a random drawing for which Redditor gets the windfall of a whole bunch of people’s generosity.

How is it not a lottery? Simple: there is nothing lotto-like about it. Basically a bunch of names are put into a hat (of sorts) and then everyone donates out of the goodness of their hearts to that one person. There is no pool of money, just one lucky person chosen to whom everyone can send their buck via Paypal.

r/MillionaireMakers information:

Totally riddled with NSFW: Not even. Mostly just human kindness and spammers with hard luck tales here. 
Violent, morbid or outright evil: It’s only evil if you try to cheat your way into winning. 
Okay for kids: This subreddit is a great way for kids to learn a life lesson about something. Depends on what you want that life lesson to be, I guess.       
Started: Three months ago
Number of members: 42949 Birvana lovers
Is it active: Another of those subreddits that goes through fluxes. When a monthly drawing is near, you see a lot more activity.
Friendliness of community: Always a few complainers, but largely just nice people who love a good idea. 
Funniness of comments: Not funny — most of the comments are based in practicality and improving the function of the subreddit.       
Sample post:

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Sample comment:

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Subreddit’s best feature:

The logic and precision with which the moderators go through everything. They attempt to be as transparent as possible so no one calls cheating or thinks this is a scam. Of course, with money involved and people being whiners, there’s always complainers. But this is a wonderful system of kindness nonetheless. 

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