Fine Brothers Cast Themselves In New TV Role


After successfully exporting their popular “REACT” series to Nickelodeon, the Fine Brothers are headed back to TV, this time with TruTV. The network, once best known for real crime, car chases, and dash cam footage, has been expanding its comedy and scripted footprint and has wisely been looking to the internet to find the talent they need to do it. Earlier this month TruTV picked up Adam Ruins Everything from web star and College Humor creator Adam Conover. Now the Fines have inked on their own deal on the rapidly rebranding network.


The Fine’s new show, Six Degrees of Everything, will employ a mix of sketch comedy, interviews, and original music to prove the theory that any two concepts, no matter how remote, can be connected in six degrees or less. Think of it as a more universal version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, the internet favorite game wherein players try to connect other actors to the Footloose star in six connections or less. TruTV has picked up the show for an initial run of ten half-hour episodes, giving us plenty of Fine Bros merriment to look forward to when the show hits the air this summer.

This makes two TV shows for Benny and Rafi Fine who are currently leading a pack of YouTubers making the jump from the computer screen to the small screen. Last week we took a look at which YouTubers you can expect to join TV schedules in the coming year and we’ll continue to track the evolution of all your favorite digital stars.

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