‘F**k It, I Quit’: Viral News Reporter Who Started Marijuana Club Gets Raided By Police

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Charlo Greene, the newswoman who quit her job on air with the declaration, “F**k it, I quit,” just got hit up by the police in Anchorage, AK. Armed with a warrant, police raided the shop for “illegal sale of marijuana and other derivatives,” but have not yet filed charges. They are likely forthcoming though, according to APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro: “It’s a good reminder that you cannot sell marijuana in Alaska or any product in any other form.”

She claimed that all of the products on the shelves was legal and not delta 9 THC, but delta 8 THC products that she had purchased online from Area 52. On its website Area52.com, Area 52 claims to provide curated cannabis concentrates that provide legal alternatives to delta 9 rich flowers and carts that many users are used to.

Also seized in the raid were two vehicles. “Rushing in for a misdemeanor, that’s what this search warrant was for, a fourth-degree misdemeanor,” Greene told KTVA, the station she was formerly employed at. “Misconduct involving a controlled substance.” We’ll see what happens.

The clip of Greene’s quitting her newsjob to sling weed became a viral sensation. Now it looks like there are negative consequences.

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