Gaming Channels With The Most Subscribers: The Top 10 Gaming Channels On YouTube

The Syndicate Project

Subscribers: 8.5 Million

British gamer and vlogger Tom Cassell, better known as Syndicate, is a top YouTube gamer specializing in let’s plays for games like Halo, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Modern Warfare. More recently he’s earned accolades for his his popular Minecraft Project series. In addition to his YouTube success, Cassell enjoys the distinction of being the first Twitch streamer to reach 1 million followers on the platform.

Captain Sparklez

Subscribers: 8.4 Million

Jordan Maron, who goes by the YouTube moniker CaptainSparklez. A Let’s Play gamer specializing in Minecraft, his career took a quantum leap when he uploaded that viral hit “Minecraft Style,” a Minecraft themed pardoy of PSY’s viral hit song Gangnam Style. His 8.4 million subscribers make him the 40th most popular YouTube channel overall.

Toby Games

Subscribers: 6.9 Million

Toby Games is the gaming channel of YouTube renaissance man Toby Turner. The gaming revolution has lead many prominent YouTubers to launch side channels devoted to gaming, but few have enjoyed the success that Turner has. Currently ranked at number 43 overall, Toby Games even outpaces Turner’s personal channel Tobuscus, currently holding strong at number 83 on the Top 200. Turner brings his unique comedic perspective to games like Minecraft, Happy Wheels, and Dragon Age.


Subscribers: 6.4 Million

Best known for his humorous commentary, this YouTube gamer keeps his real name to himself, preferring to let his Let’s Plays for games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto speak for themselves. In addition to his main channel, which currently ranks at number 73 overall, he maintains a popular second channel devoted only to Minecraft.


Subscribers: 6.3 Million

Mark Edward Fischbach, the man who would become Markiplier, joined YouTube in 2012 and has quickly amassed a huge following with his quirky commentary and hilarious Let’s Plays. Currently ranked at number 78 with 6.3 million subscribers, Markiplier has the distinction of being one of the fastest growing gaming channels, gaining subscribers at roughly the same rate as current King of Subs Pewdiepie.


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