Gina Rodriguez: Golden Globes and Now A Web Series To Watch


There was a time when actors with established careers on TV would have considered a web series to be the height of slumming, but those days are clearly over. This is the future and the web is a promised land of smart fun content that doesn’t play by all the old school rules of television. If you need evidence, look no further than Gina Rodriguez. Yes, that Gina Rodriguez, Golden Globe winning star of the CW’s critically acclaimed dramedy Jane The Virgin. Fresh off of her massive Jane success, Rodriguez is co-starring I Love Lucy & Bekka, a 12 episode web series currently available on YouTube.

The series, created by Rachael Holder¸is an ode to those conversations you can only have with a best friend. Rodrigeuz as Bekka and Kristolyn Lloyd as Lucy perfectly portray the small, quietly hilarious moments that happen between two people who are so close that they can ask any question or share any ridiculous thought without fear of judgment. It’s a fresh fun take on the still largely unexplored realm of female friendship, and with 12 bite sized episodes it’s perfect for a binging after work (or on your lunch break, we won’t tell).

In episode two the girls discover the death of an acquaintance via Facebook. The show quickly finds relatable laughs even in such a slightly macabre scenario.


The web can offer even the biggest stars a chance to break free from the restrictions of traditional TV and create something original. Like many smaller web projects I Love Lucy & Bekka owes its life to crowdfunding. A modest Kickstarter campaign launched last year gave the show the $5,500 it needed to get made. Though having Rodriguez attached will definitely raise the project’s profile, the show and both of its stars deserve every accolade they receive for this smart and totally charming series. Hopefully this is the first of many such projects to come from Rachael Holder and her team.


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