Gunnarolla From Music To Travel: A YouTube Jack of All Trades — Transformation Tuesday


We’ve been thinking a lot about Gunnarolla this week after his dustup with internet trolls, and that prompted us to take a look back at one of the longest and most diverse careers on YouTube. Gunnarolla, better known as Andrew Gunadie to his parents, is a certified YouTube veteran who has been posting videos on the platform regularly since 2006. His catalog of videos includes vlogs, travel videos, sketch comedy, and tons of original music, much of it created with frequent collaborator and fellow NMR favorite Andrew Huang.

Gunnarolla’s first available video features all the…interesting camera angles and grainy webcam footage that we’ve come to expect from first generation YouTube, but even in the dark ages of 2006 he had a knack for taking something silly and making it worthwhile. Two friends goofing around with a camera is remixed into a legitimately catchy song. (Confession: I listened to this more than once just because I liked it.)

For all his early promise, the world didn’t really get to know Gunnarolla until 2009 when his first major YouTube hit, “Canadian Please,” hit the internet. The video, co-starring singer-songwriter Julia Bentley, was a viral success and currently stands at more than 4 million views.

Since then Gunnarolla has travelled a long and winding road of music videos, vlogs, hosting gigs, and travel videos, each infused with his signature creativity and visual flare. His most recent project, a travel series sponsored by Contiki, has taken him around the world and allowed fans to experience global travel through his eyes. It’s been predictably rad.

You could spend days binging Gunnarolla’s impressive array of videos, and in fact, you should. We haven’t even touched on his music videos and original pop tracks all of which deserve a retrospective of their own. We throw the world “creator” around pretty lightly these days, but Gunnarolla is one of the most creative individuals on YouTube and we’re forever excited to see what he’ll post next.

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