Hannibal Buress, Bill Cosby Critic, Will Host 2015 Webby Awards


Hannibal Burress is having a big year. In the past twelve months he’s seen a viral video of his stand-up take down someone as seemingly untouchable as Bill Cosby, been one of the most quietly beloved parts of Comedy Central’s returning hit Broad City, and last night he took the stage to utterly eviscerate Justin Bieber at his Comedy Central roast. The name Hannibal Burress is on everyone’s lips and all over the web, so it’s probably a great time for him to be hosting the 19th annual Webby Awards.

The Webby Awards are presented each year for “Excellence On The Internet.” Many stars have large internet followings, but few have shaped and influenced the online conversation this year the way the Buress has, making him an idea choice to host. Not only does he understand the internet, but his comedy has fundamentally changed the online conversation this year, particularly when it comes to talking about wrongdoing on the part of powerful celebrities. The viral nature of Buress’ no nonsense criticism of Bill Cosby created a viral phenomenon of its own.

The Webbys will take place on May 18 in New York City with some of your favorite YouTube and internet stars and creators in attendance. In the meantime you can prepare yourself by getting to know Hannibal Buress work with some hand selected YouTube clips.

This clip from Buress’ standup routine, in which he calls out comedian Bill Cosby for sexual assault, went viral earlier this year, prompting many to investigate the persistent claims against Cosby.


Lincoln, his character on Broad City, is one of the most lovably stable but simultaneously off kilter characters on the show.


Recently he absolutely slaughtered Justin Bieber with a comedian’s deadliest weapon…honesty.


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