HBO On Demand: 4 Things You Need To Know About HBO’s Streaming TV Service


The time has finally come. Premium cable network HBO has definitely been feeling the heat from competitive streaming services like Netflix over the last few years. Last fall the home of Girls and Game of Thrones announced that it was exploring the possibility of launching a version of its streaming component, HBO Go, as a standalone digital service. That was good news for cableless fans looking to catch up on HBO’s critically acclaimed shows. Now, according to a report from IBT, the wait is finally over. HBO is preparing to unveil the new service. Here’s our list of things you need to know.

1. It Has A New Name: The new streaming service is called HBO Now, not to be confused with HBO Go, HBO’s current, widely shared streaming option which is only available to paying cable customers. HBO has been fairly vocal about not caring if subscribers share their HBO Go passwords with nonsubscribers. Its unlikely they’ll feel quite so generous about HBO Now.


2. It’s Probably Coming Soon: HBO hasn’t specified a launch date publicly, but the rumor is that they’re driving hard to have the service up and running before April 12th, the premiere date for the network’s buzziest drama Game of Thrones.