HBO On Demand: 4 Things You Need To Know About HBO’s Streaming TV Service

3. Apple Is On Board: The tech giant is rumored to be working hard to make HBO Now a part of their Apple TV package, a move that would give them a major edge over competitors.


4. The Price Is Right: In the past, getting HBO meant first being a cable customer, and then signing on for a premium cable package that included the channel as part of a bundle. These bundles could reach as high as $100 per month in some markets. The new standalone service will have a much more modest pricetag designed to match competitors like Netflix and Hulu. Nothing is final, but reports are placing the monthly cost in the neighborhood of $15.

price(I bet you thought i would stick to a theme with these GIFs)

Overall the new service, whatever it turns out to be, is great news for millennials who are abandoning traditional TV and cable packages in large numbers in order to consume content over the internet. Despite the mass exodus, HBO still wields tons of clout due to its slate of buzzy shows like Game of Thrones, Girls, Looking, Last Week Tonight, and The Jinx.


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