HeyUSA Season 2 Kicks Off With A New Twist


MamriemurricaFans have been sweating for a while with worry that Grace Helbig’s upcoming E! talk show would put a damper on some of her other projects, like popular travel web series #HeyUSA. Unfortunately, Grace’s E! commitments are keeping her grounded for the time being, but that doesn’t mean her boozy bestie Mamrie Hart isn’t suiting up for a second season of the successful series from Astronauts Wanted and Conde Nast.



The first installment of #HeyUSA saw Grace and Mamrie travelling around the United States on a series of adventures guided by their followers on social media. Fans could tweet suggestions for things to try and locations to visit, giving the show an extra interactive edge. This season will add a few new wrinkles to that formula. With Helbig tied down to her E! commitments, Hart is going it alone, but she won’t really be alone. Season 2 will feature a revolving guest of superstar special guests, all of whom were selected by fan votes. Creators like Jenna Marbles, Kingsley, Tyler Oakley, and Flula will join Mamrie on her various adventures to keep her from getting too lonely without her other half.


Season 2 won’t be totally Helbig-free. Unable to travel, this time Grace will play the “puppet master” role, choosing cities for Mamrie and her companions to visit. She’ll appear in each episode to introduce the destination, but challenges and activities will still be based on fan votes, giving viewers an unprecedented control over how the show plays out.

In addition to Grace’s changing role, the way the show is released is being revamped for Season 2. Last time around, the stars shared social media updates including tweets, Instagram photos, vines and, most importantly, short vlogs of their travels as they occurred. The full-length series appeared months later on Conde Nast’s video platform The Scene. This time the half-hour episodes of the show will role out closer to real time, but the vlogging will be minimized to save the most interesting content for the full episodes of the show. Fans can still follow the creators adventures on other forms of social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Vine but they won’t have to wait months to watch the full episodes.

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