How To Have An Argument Online: Yogscast Simon vs TotalBiscuit

We’ve more often than not seen bitter disputes erupt on Twitter with some of our favorite creators, like Laci Green and Philip DeFranco, or Gunnarolla and Matthew Santoro. Sadly when these very public arguments or bashing occurs, audiences tend to get caught up in the fray, taking one side or another.

Well, that’s not what happened this time with gaming YouTube creators Yogscast Simon and TotalBiscuit. The first shot was volleyed by Simon, who pointed out in a less than stellar way that he was tired of hearing people complain about the female Thor comic series. He then directly called out TotalBiscuit.

Now this tweet was inevitably seen by TotalBiscuit himself, who then proceeded to discuss both his point, and respond in the most respectful way he could.

TotalBiscuit added later that another member of the Yogscast team would be welcome on his podcast, despite the jab:

So far, this is on par with a lot of things we’ve seen happen on Twitter. Like I mentioned before though, unlike with previous and far more passive aggressive situation, TB’s audience stayed on the sidelines. As far as Yogscast Simon’s audience…


While I may disagree with some of TotalBiscuits views, it does go to show, that keeping an audience at bay may not be as difficult as some have claimed, and that it is possible to respectfully disagree with someone without using them in the process.

What do you think made this situation different from the others? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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