If The Internet Was A High School – Cracked.com

The internet can be an invaluable tool providing access to endless sources of information — but most of the time it’s as weird and juvenile as being in high school again.

The sketch comedy team over at Cracked.com took that idea and ran with it in their latest Internet Party video, imagining the World Wide Web as a school where Google is an annoyingly earnest teacher, Twitter is that popped-collar douchebag who never shuts up, Vine is the dude who tells the same dumb story over and over, CNN is a pretentious journalism student who immediately believes everything Twitter and Reddit tell him, and Buzzfeed is a cheerleader. (“I’m secretly smart but I pretend not to be, just to be popular!”)

As professional internet people, we can’t really argue with any of these characterizations. We wish they’d included Tumblr as a pink-haired social justice crusader with a Harry Potter obsession, and we have to wonder what kind of student Cracked.com would be. (NMR, of course, is still in the fourth grade.)