JacksFilms YIAY (Yesterday, I Asked You…) Now Has A ‘Best Of’ List

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Jacksfilms, that master in smugness and proper grammar, has created a dynamite series idea: making his fans the stars. Instead of correcting their grammar though, he’s inspiring them to answer questions he asks, in order to frame entire videos which he then collects money from. It’s friggin’ brilliant and interesting.

So we thought we’d cash in by having you all write our stories for us. Okay, not really. Most of it would be Neo Nazi spam and advertisements for us to make our dicks bigger (some of us don’t even have dicks). So instead, we thought we’d just pick the best of Jacksfilms YIAY videos. Here are the Top 7 ranked. Turns out, his audience is pretty witty and sarcastic as well.

7. Inappropriate Funeral Songs

6. YouTube in 4 Words

5. Insults Without Cursing

(Best one: Even Sam Pepper wouldn’t grab your butt!)

4. Oreo Flavors (that should exist)

3. Where To Hide The Body

2. Your Last Day

1. Book Sequels

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below … unless your thoughts involve Nazis or dick pills.


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