Jason Horton & 4 Other YouTuber Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

(photo credit: podcastingunleashedthebook.com)

(photo credit: podcastingunleashedthebook.com)

Okay, Jason Horton’s brand new podcast was the impetus for this article. If you’re starting a program called Friends Without Benefits and bringing Shane Dawson on to your show as a guest, I’m gonna tune in. And I’m going to want to encourage other people to tune in. Also, it helps that Fullscreen is involved — their proverbial head is screwed on straight.

You can find the Friends Without Benefits inaugural episode up on SoundCloud now (or just click the thing above), but in the meantime, while waiting for episode two, check out some of these other great YouTuber-based podcasts:

4. Tyler Oakley — Psycho Babble

3. Grace Helbig

2. Rhett & Link

1. On The Rocks

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.41.14 PM

And of course go here (iTunes) for NMR’s podcast On the Rocks featuring Logan Rapp, alcohol and YouTube stars like Epic Rap Battles and Meghan Tonjes — wait, not like them, actually them! What’s having a magazine if you can’t promote the shit out of the awesome stuff you are doing? By the way, have you seen our viral Fake Oscar video? It’s pretty cool.


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