JennXPenn Book Deal With Scholastic Mints Another YouTube Author

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John Green, Zoe Sugg, Shane Dawson and Grace Helbig can now welcome Jenn McAllister to the fold of YouTubers Who Author. Signing a deal with Scholastic (because why should Simon & Schuster have all the YouTube fun?), JennXPenn will now have the opportunity to use a different medium to connect with her teenaged fans.

“Being able to work with a publisher like Scholastic isn’t something everyone stumbles upon in their lifetime, so to have this incredible opportunity to share the things I don’t necessarily open up about in my day-to-day life was liberating,” said Jenn McAllister. “I’m excited for my fans to get an inside look at my journey mixed in with my humor, and to continue to grow with me through the book both mentally and emotionally.”

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And, naturally, Scholastic was enthused about the deal:

“Jenn has an incredible voice for teens, inspiring them to be authentic while encouraging them to not take everything so seriously,” said Debra Dorfman, VP. “Everyone knows Jenn is passionate about her videos and that same dedication is evident in her new book. We are Jenn ‘followers’ and are so glad she is now part of the Scholastic family.” Big Frame helped rep the deal.

The book deal comes on the heels of her first film Bad Night, which she stars in with Casey Wilson, Adam Pally and Matt Walsh. So it has been a pretty amazing year for JennXPenn thus far.


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