Make It Happy: 6 YouTubers Who Use Their Fan Base To Do Good

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YouTubers have a great power with their fan bases — they can make the world suck for a lot of people or they can do great things. This list is about the ones who choose to make the world a better place by influencing their fans to do charitable acts. (If you aren’t up to speed on the Gunnarolla/Matthew Santoro feud that influenced this article, check it out here.) But we’re not going to dwell on the nasty when there’s so much love in the air.

Here are six major creators we’ve singled out because they use their fan base not just for profit or power, but for altruistic good:

6. Simple Pickup

Simple Pickup is probably the crassest channel on this list, but they ARE on the list with their dedication to push their fans into helping the less fortunate.

5. Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley has amazing fans. He’s trying to raise $500,000 this year for the Trevor Project. Become a fan and help out!

4. Made Man

The Movember charitable event is massive. Using Made Man’s cache, the fan base has made amazing strides towards ending man cancer.

3. FouseyTube

When FouseyTube found a fan had cancer, he dropped everything to focus on raising money for cancer research and utilizing his fan base to make the kid a YouTube star.