Mamrie Hart Interview: 7 Things We Learned About The Boozy YouTube Star


Obviously we spend a lot of time here at NMR thinking about Mamrie Hart. I mean why wouldn’t you? She’s one of the funniest women on YouTube with a uniquely off-kilter approach to both life and comedy, and her You Deserve A Drink series routinely leave us…THIRSTY for more. This week she joined podcaster Alison Rosen for a chat about her life, her childhood, and even her dog. You might say they really got to the…HEART of what makes Mamrie tick. Here’s 7 things we learned from their epic interview.

Mamrie joined Rosen on her podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend just two days after announcing the return of beloved reality show #HeyUSA. Mamrie and her bestie Grace Helbig are going back on the road, and this time they’ll be taking other YouTubers along for the ride.


Last year #HeyUSA relied on fan suggestions for where to go and what to do. This time around they’re taking it a step further and letting fans suggest YouTuber travel buddies to bring along. Fans can tweet @HeyUSA with their suggestions.


We all know Mamrie doesn’t like to hold much back, and her upcoming book You Deserve A Drink: Booziness, Adventures, and Tales of Debauchery is no exception. To spare her friends and family any embarrassing details, she built a safe word into her book as a signal for them to skip to the next chapter. If you see the word “rutabaga” you know something scandalous is coming up.


Mamrie wasn’t always as uninhibited as she is today. Back in high school she avoided playing the class clown because she was afraid of getting in trouble. My, how times have changed.


We don’t know where Mamrie got her outrageous personality, but it wasn’t from her mom. According to Mamrie, Mama Hart is a perfect southern belle and she’s only heard her curse a handful of times.


She’s close to her family but they don’t always appreciate her unique brand of humor. Her dad watches her videos and he’s asked her more than once if she could tone it down a bit.


True to form her memoir is more a collection of short stories about her life and every one will be correlated with a cocktail recipe to match.


Mamrie’s book hit’s stores this spring, but her full interview with Alison Rosen is available now. If you’re a fan of podcasts, YouTubers, or drinking, and especially if you’re a fan of all three put together, you should also check out NMR’s On The Rocks Podcast hosted by our Editor-In-Chief Logan Rapp. We sit down with some of the internet’s most fascinating creators, get them proper drunk, and see what happens.


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