March Madness on YouTube: Get Caught Up On ‘Sportball’ Instantly

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So you don’t know basketball. It’s not your fault. March Madness means the end of the year championship for college basketball, broken down into a bracket system. The best teams initially play the worst teams, the medium teams play the medium teams and eventually the two best teams are left standing. They then play each other for the championship. It happens every year and it’s thrilling — like a series of Super Bowls. A Super Bowl is — you know what? Nevermind. This year, if you want to jump into the March Madness headfirst, these are the things you need to know right now, courtesy of a few different YouTube channels (including the NCAA’s official and brand new March Madness channel). But you gotta act fast, the tournament is ongoing and new news becomes best news constantly.

4. Georgia St. Over Baylor

This is a biggie — Baylor is routinely good. So when a little podunk team beat them, it became the talk of the tournament. We call this a Cinderella story.

President Obama’s Bracket

This will help you out with other wannabe basketball fans. When in doubt, you can fall back on President Obama and his involvement. He thinks Kentucky is going to win. Parrot this opinion and you’ll do fine.

UCLA Goaltending Controversy (At the Buzzer)

Some people say that SMU wasn’t goaltending. It’s a controversial call that gave UCLA the win. Just tell people the guy shouldn’t have been grabbing shots above the rim anyhow. Though if they’re hardcore SMU fans they might punch you.

March Madness In The Workplace (Nacho Punch)

If all else fails, Nacho Punch has crafted this handy guide to further your education. Best of luck, new sports fan.


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