Matt Santoro Apology Video Makes NMR Think

(How awesome is the color scheme in his bedroom, btw?)

(How awesome is the color scheme in his bedroom, btw?)

We could learn a lesson about positivity from Matt Santoro and about getting back to our roots — covering awesome things by awesome YouTubers. And Matt definitely qualifies as an awesome YouTuber, so expect much coverage of him by us going forward. Enduring some headache and heartache from a series of recent events, Matt has done the introspective thing and decided to emerge like a motherf**king butterfly, only a little more grounded in all things. So maybe … maybe more like a reverse butterfly?

The majority of his troubles seem to stem from an incident in which Santoro accidentally inspired his fans to unleash hell on fellow Canadian Gunnarolla’s channel after a misunderstanding occurred at a Social Media Awards ceremony up in America’s Hat. Additionally, Meghan Tonjes came to Gunnarolla’s defense and caught some of the heat as well.

As Santoro goes on to mention in the video, his success came at a price — he felt like he was distancing himself from his fans, his friends and his family. This video apology is also Santoro’s declaration of principle: he’s turning over a new leaf and staying true to himself.

Matt declares his decision to get back to the basics — he’ll eventually return to his two videos a week strategy, he’s going to be happier (and a bit more guarded), and he’s going to get closer to the people that matter — starting by NOT moving to Los Angeles. Most importantly, he apologizes to the people he’s hurt and offered to mend fences personally via phone calls — it seems like he’s directly talking to Gunnarolla and Meghan Tonjes here.

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It’s a maddening world that NMR, Matt Gunnarolla and Meghan exist in — along with many of you and the fans. There is no rulebook for any of this; like Matt says in his video, he went from 30,000 subscribers to over 3 million in less than a year. How does anyone handle that rationally? (Hint: they mostly don’t).

Matt is good people, we’ve never doubted this. We care about him and want him to succeed even harder than he already has. If he can make a commitment to being better at life, well, by all means, so can NMR. Of course, we’ve also been meaning to stop stealing candy from babies and that hasn’t exactly worked out …

Here’s to good things going forward!


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