Michelle Obama & Michelle Phan: Makeup Guru and FLOTUS Team Up For Education


The White House is getting pretty serious about embracing YouTube and the new media community. Last year President Obama hosted a summit with the likes of Hannah Hart, Alphacat, and The Fine Bros to discuss ways of reaching younger Americans through new media. More recently the President himself sat for interviews with Hank Green, Bethany Mota, and Glozell Green, and the First Lady had a sitdown with Tyler Oakley to discuss her education initiative. All of that must be paying off, since Michelle Obama is continuing the YouTube lovefest by recruiting a special travel companion for her state visit to Japan.

The FLOTUS has drafted YouTube beauty powerhouse Michelle Phan to travel with her to Tokyo in support of her Let Girls Learn initiative. The program, which is cosponsored by Akie Abe, the wife of Japan’s Prime Minister, will promote education for young women across the globe. Young women and girls worldwide are dramatically less likely to be in school or to complete a formal education, a problem that is dramatically exacerbated in developing countries. The new program aims to keep schools open to girls and to work toward mitigating the wide variety of circumstances, from child labor and exploitation, to gender prejudice which prevent many girls from attending or finishing school.


With over 7.5 million subscribers, many of them young women themselves, Michelle Phan will be a powerful voice and face for the campaign. This isn’t the first time that Michelle Phan has mobilized her massive fan base for a good cause. In the past the beauty star has called on her subscribers to support causes from global hunger and malaria awareness to Red Cross relief efforts. With their young and often socially conscious fan communities, YouTube creators are proving to be ideal partners for charitable program and awareness campaigns.


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