Michelle Phan Wins The Internet This Week! (3/21/15)

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The internet is a game, a game that can be won. And every week someone wins it by doing something amazing/crazy/awesome/hilarious/stupid. Yes, even people who do bad or dumb things can win the internet …

This week, that winner is: Michelle Phan

(photo credit: YouTube)

(photo credit: YouTube)

Who: Michelle Phan is a YouTube vlogger with over 7.5 million subscribers. She focuses on beauty, fashion and makeup, but is also known to do vlogs about empowerment (like her Pillow Talk vlog).

Why: Michelle was selected to accompany FLOTUS (that’s First Lady Of The United States) Michelle Obama on a trip to Japan to talk with youth about “Let Girls Learn,” an initiative started by the First Lady after she met with a Pakistani teen who surivived a Taliban attack over her outspokeness about learning. The Michelles will spend five days journeying through Asia and Phan will be helping with the social media portion of the trip.

What else?

That isn’t enough for you? Okay, how about this: she also reached a million customers with her side business that ships Glam Bags to customers worldwide. Called Ipsy, the service which launched in 2011 translates to $120 million in yearly sales. That’s how you win the internet.

Runner up: Toby Turner, with his new Tobuscus Adventures game.


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