Mike Tyson Asks YouTube To Pick His Best Knockouts For A Martin Scorsese/Jamie Foxx Movie

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Damn, video game graphics have gotten crazy good.


It’s not unusual that Mike Tyson does something weird these days, but this time he might have done something weirdly awesome. Uploading all 43 of his knockouts from a long career of being one of the best boxers of all time into a single video, Mike Tyson wants you to sort through them and pick his 10 best. The reason? Martin Scorsese is making a movie about the controversial heavyweight starring Jamie Foxx — this could and should be amazing. Hell, the YouTube video alone is worth the price of admission. And hilariously the post is titled: “Pick my best knockouts for Jamie Foxx.”

Of course, I don’t know if this is the fever dream of the notoriously out-there boxer or what, because the movie hasn’t even been announced or even rumored on IMDB. Essentially, either Mike Tyson somehow overheard someone say it would be fun to see Scorsese direct Jamie Foxx in a Mike Tyson biopic and completely ran with it, or we are getting an interesting opportunity to help guide a film so far off that the industry leaders didn’t see it coming. Either way, it’s a cool opportunity to interact with the little big man with the devastating right hand and the pipsqueak voice. Hell, I didn’t even know he had a YouTube account — now I’m a subscriber.

And for the record, our favorite knockouts are 14, 27 and 23 — in that order. Watch the amazing highlight video for yourself though. And then go play some Mike Tyson Punchout in a kickass Let’s Play.

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